Smartphone Sports

What is it:

A 2D top down adventure mobile game made to celebrate the smartphone. Play as Appy and discover your true potential and master the sacred art of Smartphone Sports! Learn the secrets of the Smartphone from Master Wai Fai and embark on an epic quest! This Game will never receive controller support or a console release so play it while you still have a smartphone!

What I Did:

I developed this game entirely on my own, I wrote all of the code, and created most of the art. This was the first real game I developed in Unity. It was challenging for me to learn the engine.
Challenges and Solutions:

One feature I wanted to include was a dialogue system that would appear from the top of the screen like phone notifications. I accomplished this by creating a dialogue manager that would receive events from dialogue triggers where I could specify the dialogue. I also wanted to create multiple level scenes which would mix up game play. I was able to facilitating this by sticking to two core mechanics, gyroscope and touch based player movement. I would then change level boundaries, the design and placement of dangerous obstacles and use the built in physics system to move pushable objects.

What was Missing / Lessons Learned:

I kept mechanics simplistic to facilitate easy development. I wanted to create a final encounter with advertisements that would flood the screen, but ran out of development time, and instead made the game appear to be corrupted at that point. If I were starting this project over I would do so by having images randomly cover the screen that the player would have to close while having to dodge obstacles like in the beginning chase sequence. Regardless, I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish with my first Unity game and I have used this experience to help guide my future development practices.


Smartphone Sports Android.apk 53 MB
Apr 30, 2020
Apr 30, 2020

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